Blue Butterfly Taking Off -- 4 Frames in 1/15 Second

This is Plebejus saepiolus, the Greenish Blue butterfly.  It is shown at takeoff after nectaring on yarrow (Achillea millefolium). 

The four frames are in sequence, 1/60 second apart.

The image capture was done by analog video camera at its "high speed sports" shutter setting -- about 1/4000 second.

Analog video is often described as 30 frames per second, but it is actually 60 fields per second, each field consisting of just the odd- or even-numbered scan lines.  By post-processing to separate the fields, one can effectively get low resolution snapshots (320x240 pixels) at 60 per second, as shown here.

Plebejus saepiolus butterfly taking off

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