Littlefield's New Kitchen

Credits: designed, built, and installed by Tom Littlefield of Littlefield's, 2094 Sunset Dr., Pacific Grove, CA 93950-3729, ph. (831) 649-5641.

Here's the whole thing, from the middle of the kitchen.  Press and drag with mouse to look around and up/down.  Press shift key to zoom out, control to zoom out.  You might have to wait a few seconds for this thing to load -- it's close to 2 MB total.

(The other pictures are not interactive, sorry.)

The top and bottom of the peninsula were made, delivered, and installed as single pieces, over 10 feet long.


All shelves are on drawer slides.  No hands-and-knees groping!


The face veneer is birdseye maple.  The entire kitchen was made from about half of one tree cut into very thin sheets.


The countertops are Corian.  The backsplash is returned into the windowsill as a solid Corian surface.

Page last modified March 21, 2005.