References and Guidance

Collected References and Guidance
for Researching In German Speaking Areas

from the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, Jan 2009

Book References

Many of the books are from the class but others such as "A genealogical handbook of German terminology and grammar" and "German Church books: beyond the basics" are references I'd like to check further at some later date.

Each book picture is a link to a larger picture.

Book(s) Image (picture is link)
FHL Call Number
Familiengeschichtliche Quellen 943 B2fq Familiengeschichtliche Quellen -- 19 volumes. An every name index to the periodicals. Each volume lists sources in the front and surnames found in those sources in the back.

See the "Familiengeschichtliche Quellen (Family History Source)" in the German Genealogical Digest, 1990 4th quarter, p 140-144.

Also see guidance in "Identifying & Locating Records Using Periodicals and Other Source" in the "Researching in German Speaking Areas", Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, 2009.

Die Quellenschau für Familienforscher 943 A3kp Quellenschau für Familienforscher (the display of sources for family researchers). Vol 1 has locality (Orts), area (Gebiets), subject (Sach) and Surname (Personen) indexes. Vol 2 is the list of 1000 sources indexed in Vol 1. Vol 3 has the 4 indexes in the front and the sources in the back. See German Genealogical Digest, 1989, 4th quarter (vol 5:4) p 142-148 for a complete explanation. GET COPY OF THIS GGD REFERENCE ALSO.
943 A5m Minerva-Handbücher. Archive : Archive im deutschsprachigen Raum (2 volumes). Handbook of archival holdings for East and West Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, & Lichtenstein. Includes a few in Poland and Czechoslovakia. In German.
943 A8wr A genealogical handbook of German terminology and grammar : volume 1, births & baptisms by Ronald D. Walker
Der Schlussel 943 D25sc Der Schlüssel ("The Key") -- currently 9 volumes. Index to German genealogical & heraldic periodicals. Includes a locality, subject and author/title indexes for periodicals indexed.

See "Locating A Surname, Locality or Topic in German Genealogical Periodicals, Der Schüssel -- The Key" in the German Genealogical Digest, Summer 1993 (vol 9:2), p 38-44.

943 D27skL German Church books: beyond the basics by Kenneth L. Smith. A discussion on how to use German parish registers and what kinds of information can be found in them.
Deutsche Geschlechterbucher and Deutsche Geschlechterbucher 943 D2dg Deutsche Geschlechterbucher (German Lineage Books), vol 1-207.

The family history catalog page (*,0,0 ) provides a list of books by locality.

Index for Bande 1-216 is on CD 6224, Bande 1-209 is on CD 852 and bande 1-204 also on CD (provided no number).

Deutsches Familienarchiv 943 D2df Deutsches Familienarchiv ein genealogisches Sammelwerk and Gesamtregister zum Deutschen Familienarchiv. An ongoing collection of compiled German genealogies, gathered from throughout the German Empire.

FHL catalog includes volumes 1-151 and indexes for bands 1-50, 51-75, 76-100, 101-125, 126-150. Index book begins with an alphabetical list of the main families. That is followed by an indexes of every name found in the volumes.

Note that the cumulative indexes are not complete and neither are the indexes in the individual volumes.

CD-ROM no. 119 is an index to some of these volumes and is described as " Database of indexes to the following: 1) name index for the Deutschen Familienarchiv (German Family Archive) bands 1-119; 2) Ahnenlisten-Kartei (Pedigree Card File); 3) ancestry lists in the Deutschen Zentrallstelle für Genealogie; 4) 47 ancestry lists".

Several Reference Books 943 G3b 2002 If I Can, You Can Decipher Germanic Records, by Edna M. Bentz Handbook for reading German genealogical records. Includes glossaries and Gothic handwriting samples with Latin, Danish, German and English equivalents.
943 G3sj A Genealogical & Demographic Handbook of German Handwriting, by Norman J. Storrer and Larry O. Jensen. A genealogical and demographic handbook of German handwriting, 17th-19th centuries.
943 H3gh Taschenbuch der Zeitrechnung des deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit by Hermann Grotefend. Handbook for the chronology and dating of events used in Germany and the rest of Europe from the middle ages to the present time. Includes charts and tables for interpreting and converting dates.

In "Advanced German Reference and Research Tools" (from the "Researching in German Speaking Areas", Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, 2009) it is described as an alphabetical list of feast and saint days.

943 J5w Archives and libraries in a New Germany by Erwin K. Welsch et al. Directory of archives and libraries in the reunited Federal Republic of Germany. Description of holdings and publications related to each archive are included. Arranged with national archives and governmental libraries at the beginning, with the bulk of the entries arranged by province, city, and then the institution. Includes an index. In English.
943 J54w Ancestors in German archives : a guide to family history sources by Raymond S. Wright et al. Directory of Archives in Germany with holdings of relevance to genealogical research. Provides brief descriptions of the genealogically relevant records in each archive. Includes indexes. In English.
Meyers Konversations-Lexikon : eine Encyklopädie des allgemeinen Wissens 433 D863 Duden-Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache, by Günther Drosdowski.Call Number: 433 D863. German language dictionary in 6 volumes.
Duden-Das große Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache 030.43 M575 Meyers German language encyclopedia of general knowledge. 19 volumes in German.

Provides historical and cultural information on localities, people and subjects.

Deutscher Biographischer Index 943 D32k Meyers German language encyclopedia of general knowledge. 19 volumes in German.

Index to the German biographical archive (fiche number 6002158-6002159). Introduction in German and English.

943 D46ba Dictionary of German names

Encyclopedia of German family and first names. Excellent for assisting in determining origins of uncommon surnames.

Other References

books & film Ortssippenbücher & Dorfsippenbücher -- see "Dorfsippenbucher / Ortssippenbucher" in the German Genealogical Digest, Vol7:2, p 43-49. This reference identifies about 200 such books.

Searching the Family History Catalog in Feb 2009 for keyword "Ortssippenbucher" resulted in 661 titles and "Dorfsippenbucher" resulted 3 titles. Try a search for your surname, town name, parish or even the German state or nobility region and "Ortssippenbucher".

film Ahnenstammkartei -- German ancestry exchange list.

See German Genealogical Digest article, Winter 1993 (vol 9:4), p 110-124 for usage instructions.

See also the handout "Searching Compiled Genealogies to Prevent Duplication of Research" by Larry Jensen, AG in the "Researching in German Speaking Areas", Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, 2009.

book & film Ahnenlistenumlauf -- Collection of pedigrees of German families.

To locate a family name in this collection consult the index: Die Ahnenlisten-Kartei (call number 943 D22n, vol. 1-20 -- see next entry). The index will show the Ahnenliste (AL) number, then check the film list for the film number containing the appropriate AL number.

See German Genealogical Digest article, Fall 1995 (vol 11:4), p 70-81.

943 D22n
& film
Die Ahnenlisten-Kartei -- 20 volume index to surnames on pedigrees housed at the Zentralstelle für Personen- und Familiengeschichte in Friedrichsdorf, Germany

Many of these pedigrees are available on microfilm in the Family History Library. See title number 688572: Ahnenlisten aus dem Ahnenlistenumlauf for the microfilm numbers of the actual pedigrees. Each volume of this published index includes surnames from A-Z.

See Ahnenlistenumlauf entry above for usage.

search style for FHL catalog Leichenpredigten -- funeral sermons.

See the German Genealogical Digest article "Funeral Sermons" article, Vol 8:4, p 119. See also the article in Vol 7:3, p 78-81 that mentions funeral sermons as a part of the value and content of German Genealogical Periodicals.

See also the handout "Searching Compiled Genealogies to Prevent Duplication of Research" by Larry Jensen, AG in the "Researching in German Speaking Areas", Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, 2009.

Find funeral sermons in the FHL catalog by looking under Obituaries in your ancestor's location.

various German Genealogical Periodicals

See "German Genealogical Periodicals, Part 1: Value and Content" in the German Genealogical Digest, vol 7:3, p 78-81 for an overview.

See "German Genealogical Periodicals, Part 2: A List of Foreign Language Titles Keyed to Areas of Interest", summer 1993 (vol 9:2), p 45-62 which lists 398 periodicals (with FHL call numbers where appropriate) and organizes them by locality.

film Mappenstücke

Collection of local family histories for Germany and former German areas of Europe and other countries. Includes some related materials that are not family histories. On 236 films.

Advise is to search the films page in the FHL catalog for your surname(s).

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